Accra, Ghana

Blog Post By: | February 27th, 2017

I am excited by the way that God works, because He always turns things around for our good. Recently, I saw this in action when I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to postpone the Miracle Crusade we had planned for the Ivory Coast in March, due to the dangerous social unrest that is currently plaguing so many cities in this West African nation.
I ask that you pray for the people of the Ivory Coast, especially for our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Please pray for their protection, but also pray that God will give them boldness to share the gospel, even in the midst of turmoil.
It was just like God to provide an opportunity in a neighboring nation just as the door in the Ivory Coast was closing. I am so happy to report that we will be hosting a Miracle Crusade in March in Ghana, which shares a border with the Ivory Coast. God is so good to give us this opportunity to be close to where we planned to be, allowing pastors and other leaders to make the trip if they so desire.
We will be in Accra, Ghana from March 15 to 20, preaching in four great services in Perez Chapel with Bishop Charles Agyinasare. Perez Chapel is the largest facility in all of Ghana, seating 14,000 people. You can see the beautiful church and the wonderful people who call it home at Praise God for His goodness!
I ask you to please stand with me in prayer for this great Miracle Crusade, our first ever in Ghana. We will be ministering to tens of thousands of people, and we are praying for miracles, healings, deliverances, and of course for souls.
Thank you for your faithful monthly giving which makes this crusade possible, even on such short notice. I am blessed beyond measure by the love and generosity of our PDM Partners. Thank you!

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