Campinas, Brazil 2016

Blog Post By: | January 28th, 2016

We are returning to Brazil!

I ask for your prayers and faithful giving as we prepare to return to Campinas, Brazil to minister with our friend and fellow-laborer in the Lord, Pastor Roberto Martins de Sa. We will be partnering with him and his many churches in Brazil to bring miracles to Campinas and surrounding cities.

Every time we have visited Brazil, God has done amazing things. I will never forget the young man who had one leg that was much shorter than the other, a birth defect that had held him captive. He wore a special shoe that elevated his short leg, but still he walked with a limp, and he was hindered in his work and life.

This young man had come to the crusade a doubter. In fact, he had thoughts of exposing what he believed to be false miracles. But then there was God!

I prayed for this young man as he sat on the front row and removed his shoe to show me how short his leg was. I prayed, not once, but three times, and suddenly the leg grew out to the exact length of the other. Shocked, the young man rejoiced so joyously, he literally rocked the house. Miracles flowed all night, a direct result of God’s mercy and compassion that overwhelmed a hardened heart.

Let’s pray that God will do miracles like this, and even greater miracles this time!

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