Keep Praying for Kampala!

Blog Post By: | August 3rd, 2017

Keep Praying!

I appreciate every person who is praying for the Kampala Miracle Crusade in Uganda in October. We are working with Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Ministries, a very exciting church that is doing a great work for the Kingdom. We are anxious to see what God will do in our crusade!

Please PRAY for the pastors who will be impacted in our impartation sessions. PRAY for the children who will be touched in schools all around the region. PRAY for the preaching of the gospel, and for healings, miracles, and life-change to follow.

I appreciate your intercession so much! We know that prayer is the key that unlocks the door to the nations. Prayer makes the way, and God gives the increase of the most important part of every crusade – SOULS! Please PRAY for thousands of souls to be saved, hallelujah!

If God speaks to you to sow a special seed for the Kampala Miracle Crusade, you can rest assured it is being planted in prepared soil, and it will bring a harvest into your life. God never forgets when we sow, especially when we do it for those we will likely never meet in this life. Oh, we will meet them in Heaven one day, and I believe they will rush right by me to shake your hand and hug your neck because your giving is the fuel that ignites faith and gives wing to answered prayer in places that are ready for an outpouring of His Spirit. God bless you for giving so faithfully!


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