Mexico City, 2016

Blog Post By: | January 28th, 2016

Miracles Abound!


Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Last night our Mexico City Miracle Crusade began with more people than our facility could hold. All overflow rooms were maxed out, and we had people standing along the walls!

We had over one hundred people testify of the amazing miracles they received. We had over 20 deaf people have their hearing restored. One of them was a man who was probably in his mid-40’s and had been deaf since he was a baby. After prayer, he could hear a whisper!

We witnessed 12-15 tumors disappear off of people’s bodies. Hernias also vanished! We saw 3 legs grow out. One was 2 inches shorter than the other!

We also saw God heal a gang member who was shot two times in the head and suffered paralysis. Jesus healed him, and he got up and walked in front of the entire crowd!

People who came into the service with canes and crutches left them at their seats after they received their miracles!

Best of all, over 500 hundred people came forward to receive Christ! They were still counting the cards when we left the service!

All glory belongs to Jesus!!!

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