Kampala Miracle Crusade

Blog Post By: | July 26th, 2017

I am so excited about the Miracle Crusade in Kampala, Uganda in October! I count it an honor and a privilege to take our crusade team to an area where no major gospel crusade has ever been held before. This is the plan God has given us, and we are so happy you are partnering with us to reach the lost all around the world!

We will minister to hundreds of local pastors in Kampala in special impartation sessions each day where we will have an opportunity to pour into them the things God has shown us about miracle ministry so that they can take healings and miracles back to their own congregations. I love this part of what we do because it leaves a lasting legacy that has the potential to impact generations.

We expect to have huge crowds on the main crusade grounds each evening, where we will believe for thousands of souls to be saved and countless lives to be touched with the gospel message. We are praying for healings and miracles to abound, and we appreciate your prayers of agreement.

We know no one man can do all that needs done for every crusade. We count on our partners for prayers of intercession, and for sharing what we do with friends so that the prayer power can be multiplied. As the Bible says, one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight. I love God’s math!

While we are in Kampala, we will dedicate a well we will dig for the community to enjoy when we leave. Every family deserves access to clean water, and this is a special gift we purchase together that will long outlast our personal impact.

I am glad that our children’s outreach will be busy in local schools sharing the gospel with hundreds of school children. They will also be on the crusade grounds for special sessions with the kids that are always a big hit.

When we preach to children, the message is the same, although the delivery fits their understanding. They see healings and miracles, just as their parents do in the evening sessions, and for all of it, God gets the glory and honor!

Please consider joining me financially with a special gift just for the Kampala Miracle Crusade. When you sow a God-directed seed, you will be touching lives not only for today, but most importantly for eternity. Thank you for praying and for giving toward this labor of love.


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