I am blessed to know Peter Doseck as a close, personal friend and co-laborer in the Gospel. He has vision and anointing, and lives the seed-faith life along with his precious family. It is an honor to know and love this man of God.
The late Oral Roberts, Evangelist, OREA, Broken Arrow, OK

Peter Doseck has a great understanding of how to build a church and keep a church. He knows how to open the door of a church to both saint and sinner alike, and he knows how to close the back door … by keeping his sheep well-fed with the meat of the Word of God!
Jesse Duplantis, Evangelist, Jesse Duplantis Ministries, New Orleans, LA

Peter Doseck’s church is one of the greatest American success stories for the glory of God. I give my highest recommendation for this great man of God.
Tommy Barnett, Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly, Phoenix, AR

It is my distinct pleasure to whole-heartedly recommend my friend and colleague, Peter Doseck, as a man of God who preaches the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. As the result of his singular devotion to winning souls and his passion for prayer and fasting, he brings the manifest, miracle-working power of God into every crusade he conducts in our nation and overseas. What a great investment he will make in the lives of your people!
The late R.W. Schambach, Evangelist, Schambach Ministries, Tyler, TX

The ministry of Peter Doseck is one of the most life changing ministries in the world. The powerful and balanced teaching of the Word combined with real Heaven-sent miracles and healings causes his ministry to radically impact nations around the world as well as churches across the United States.
Tim Bagwell, Pastor, Word of Life Christian Center, Lonetree, CO

In Peter Doseck’s Miracle Crusades, I have witnessed thousands of sick people being healed by the power of God through faith in the name of Jesus Christ. I have watched as the blind have received their sight, the lame have walked, the deaf have heard, and the dumb have spoken. I have seen growths melt away and goiters disappear, and I have rejoiced along with thousands who give shouts of praise for the goodness of the Lord. Tens of thousands of lost souls have been saved here in the Philippines during Peter Doseck’s crusades, and a tremendous increase in attendance at our local churches has been reported. Surely Peter Doseck is a man of faith, and we are so thankful for all of the people who support him to make it all possible.
Bishop Ernesto M. Balili, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines