2021 Scheduled Events
March 2nd at 9:30 am Live Zoom To Remote Village In Pakistan
  April 8th – 9th Winnipeg, Canada
  May 19th – 21st Mexico City, Mexico
  June 2nd – 4th Monterrey, Mexico
  June 23rd Rahway, New Jersey
  July 14th – 18th Magwagwa, Kenya
  August 20th – 22nd Riga, Latvia
  September 10th – 12th Pakistan
  September 22nd Toronto, Canada
  September 23rd Hamilton, Canada
  October 6th – 8th Brussels, Belgium
  October 14th – 15th Herkimer, New Jersey
  November 8th Cloverdale, Indiana
  November 17th – 21st Lome, Togo
  December 4th Naples, Italy
  December 5th Rome Italy Please be informed, our travel dates can change due to travel restrictions. Please contact us to be sure our travel is still as listed. Email us at http://peterdoseck.com/prayercontact/ for more information.