July 2021 Update

Dear partner, as I write this, I am two days out of my knee surgery. I am recovering well and the doctor has given me a great prognosis! I am looking forward to getting back to ministering the gospel physically here in America and all around the world.

I was so excited last week for the opportunity to minister with Dr. Rambabu. He is what I call the Reinhard Bonnke of India with over 7 million followers on social media. He is one of the greatest evangelists that I know of today and I was honored to be able to minister with him. I look forward to working with Dr. Rambabu in the future.

We also got to minister in another remote village in Pakistan on July 6th. We saw hundreds of Muslims come to Christ in this meeting and many miracles take place in these people’s lives. We are so excited to be able to put Bibles in their hands in their native language as soon as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am so thankful for these opportunities. Every meeting we are seeing hundreds of souls being touched and lives being changed. Thank you partners for allowing us to do this!

Unfortunately because of my surgery, I had to postpone a meeting that I had coming up at the end of July in the largest church in all of South and Central America. I am working to get this rescheduled for later in 2021.

Our next upcoming crusade will be in Kampala, Uganda. We will be going to a church that seats more than 40,000 and on more than one occasion at this location, we have had people standing outside of the building to hear the gospel. Due to COVID, we will not have the same type of crowds, but we are still expecting millions to be watching live every single night, as well as all that attend physically. I am praying for millions of lives to be touched, souls to be saved, and miracles to take place. Partners, I just want to say thank you for all that you do. We couldn’t do this without you. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to partner with you, for the financial support, and for the prayers. As you give, you are making a difference in the Kingdom today. We value you so very much.

For Souls, Pastor Doseck