About Peter Doseck


The Mission

Since 1982 Peter Doseck has faithfully and zealously declared a life-changing message of faith in Jesus Christ with impact, impartation, and demonstration. He is firmly dedicated to taking an uncompromising gospel message around the globe because he steadfastly believes the miracle-working power of God is available today for men, women, and children just as it was when Jesus walked the earth long ago.

The people of the world are crying out for a personal touch from God. The fields are white unto harvest, and Peter Doseck is determined to go boldly into the highways and bi-ways to compel the lost, broken, and forgotten to come in so that God’s house might be filled. Focusing more and more on parts of the world that have been left untouched by others, Peter Doseck Ministries is reaching multitudes who have never heard the gospel before.

Peter Doseck’s miracle ministry was birthed on the knees of prayer, it has been sustained by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and it is continually confirmed by the preaching of the Word with signs following. Dynamic Miracle Crusades have resulted in over 2.1 million salvations and thousands of miraculous healings. More than 45,000 pastors from around the world have been transformed by impartation meetings that take place during each crusade. In addition, more than 2,500 new pastors have been launched into the ministry.

Peter Doseck is a noted author whose books have impacted countless lives, and he is also founder and senior pastor of Only Believe Ministries Christian Center (OBMCC) in Botkins, Ohio. Arising from a dirt floor garage with only one member, today OBMCC is blessed with a growing membership that is reaching far beyond the borders of the community God placed it in. Truly, Peter Doseck is a man of great character, courage, and faith.