About Peter Doseck


About Peter Doseck

Pastor Peter Doseck has one mission in life, and that is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes. His message encourages people to reach out to God for forgiveness, hope, and miracles.

Pastor Doseck is the founder of Peter Doseck Ministries (PDM). To date, PDM Miracle Crusades have resulted in over 2.5 million salvations and thousands of miraculous healings. In addition, wells have been dug in forgotten communities, children have been touched in special services just for them, 48,000 pastors have been transformed by ministry empowerment meetings, and over 2,700 new pastors have been launched into the ministry.

Pastor Doseck is an author whose books have touched countless lives, and he is the founder and senior pastor, along with his wife Pastor Phyllis Doseck, of Only Believe Ministries Christian Center (OBMCC) in Botkins, Ohio. Arising from a dirt floor garage with only one member, today OBMCC is blessed with a growing congregation that is reaching far beyond the borders of the community God has placed it in.

In today’s world people want more than mere words. They want results, and they want a message that translates into a reality rather than a philosophy. Pastor Doseck believes that message is the gospel. He believes everything God did in the Bible, He is still doing today, and so he prays for souls to be saved, for lives to be changed, and for people to be healed in every crusade, every city, and every nation where he is privileged to preach.

Pastor Doseck believes every soul is precious, and this is why he has positioned Peter Doseck Ministries (PDM) to focus on parts of the world that have been left untouched by others, reaching multitudes who have never heard the gospel before. He enjoys watching the Spirit of God draw tens of thousands of people into small communities, just so that He (the Spirit of God) can show up and show off. God is so good!

In all he does, Pastor Peter Doseck has a Passion for Jesus, and a Heart for the World!