September 2021 Update

I am so excited about our recent mission trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We had thousands in attendance at each service, and all of the services were online all around the world. There were literally millions of people that got impacted by the services. God did amazing miracles! We saw more tumors at these services than we have ever seen before. God was faithful to show His Word with signs following. We are so thankful for the power of God that was at the services and for the many souls that came to Christ. Thank you partners for allowing us to go to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! All of this couldn’t have happened without you.

Unfortunately, when I came back from Brazil, I hurt my knee. It was suggested to me, by my doctor, to take it easy for a few weeks. In Lieu of this, we have canceled our trip to Honduras. We are already looking and are excited to reschedule this trip for 2022!

We are now looking forward to our first trip to Pakistan in October! We are planning on a huge mission, where we are expecting upwards of a hundred thousand people to be in attendance. We are so excited to preach the gospel to them, to pull the nets in, and watch God show up with miracles to make a difference in all of those lives. We also have been given the opportunity to minister to hundreds of pastors in day sessions while we are there. There will be two additional miracle services in large churches in Lahore. We are believing God for tens of thousands of souls to be saved in the nation of Pakistan. Please be in prayer about sowing into the Lahore Pakistan crusade. Your gift will go a long way to help us reach thousands and thousands of people. We appreciate you very much. For every $1 sewn we can win a soul in Pakistan. Thank you for your support!

For Souls,

Pastor Peter Doseck