March 2021 Update

Although I was disappointed that we did not get to attend the conference in Rio with Pastor Peixoto at the end of last month; God works all things out for our good according to those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Many of the Pastors that attended had lots of praise reports from the conference. We are so thankful for all that God did for those in attendance. We are looking forward to potentially going to Rio later this year for another big conference and we are trusting the Lord will assist us in getting doors opened. We are believing that when we go, the ministry will be a great success!


I am so excited about ministering in a new remote village in Pakistan today! I have done a few of these in the last several months and the impact has been amazing. Think about this: every time I preach the gospel to these remote villages, hundreds of Muslims are receiving Christ! We are seeing anywhere from 70-90 testimonies every meeting. This is the first time many of these people are hearing about Jesus, but now, not only do they know Him as their savior but also their healer. God is so good and we want to give Him praise for this! The team and I physically could not get to these locations safely and we just want to praise the Lord for making these meetings possible. We thank God for opening these doors to spread the gospel to locations that were not possible before. We are exploring the possibility of doing these meetings on a regular basis.


We are equipping each new convert with the ability to become disciples. As soon as they are saved, there is a Bible put in their hands and we are rooting them into a church. Thank you partners and friends for praying and supporting us during these endeavors. Each Bible costs $6.50 to put into a new convert’s hands, but we consider it extremely important to give them a Bible as soon as they accept Christ. Once again, we are so thankful and excited for all that God is doing in the nation of Pakistan!


Later into the summer we have opportunities to go into nations that we are praying and believing for the doors to be open. We are eager to get out and start preaching the gospel face to face to multiple countries around the world. Continue to pray with me friends, that we will get to do just that. I want to thank you once again for your continued prayers, faithfulness, and financial support. We couldn’t do what we do without you! Be mindful that every person that comes to Christ through the seeds you sow into this ministry are going to be added to your account. You are going to see millions of people someday thank you in Heaven for what you do!


I want to encourage you all this month to continue to live out John 13:34. Your prayers and giving to help reach those in other nations is truly living out His word! This month let’s continue to pray for those doors to open, and to find opportunities in our day to day lives to show love, as Jesus loves us.


For Souls,
Peter Doseck