This Just In

2020 Update

As we ride on the tailwinds of Thanksgiving, our hearts are still grateful for all that we’ve seen take place in the last quarter. We’ve had so many wonderful opportunity to share the love of God with the world through remote meetings and Zoom interviews. Our most recent meeting took place in the remote village of Khaaremure Pind, Pakistan, on November 18th. Many in this village have never heard the Bible preached before. They came out with friends and family to sit under the trees and with stars overhead to hear this American share something of great value. That “something” was that we serve a living God who saves, delivers and heals! Many were saved and spontaneous healings are still being reported! Praise the Lord! We were also able, because of your prayers and financial support, to put Bibles written in Urdu in the hands of those who accepted Christ. There are still more who need Bibles. If God puts in on your heart to give, please do your very best. Each Bible cost about $6.50, and it spiritually feeds an entire family!

This month, we’re very excited to continue planning and confirming our 2021 travel schedule. We’ll have a few more worldwide meetings this month — all done remotely. And then next year we expect to be back on the ground running as we hold meetings in North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Pray with us that these meetings come about because they will result in multiplied hundreds of thousands of decisions for Christ!

In just a few short weeks we’ll be celebrating Christmas with family and friends. Many have commercialized this season, making it all about the gifts they give or receive, but we know the real reason we celebrate. Christ came — the greatest Gift of all — and He gave His life as a ransom for ours. We are now not our own. That should come as a relief because we’re often poor masters of our own lives! All around the world we meet people surviving on their own. They’re surviving but not thriving. Life is hard and their burdens are theirs alone to carry. There’s no Savior or Healer to come to their rescue. Isn’t that terrible?! This is why we’re doing all we can to reach millions of people. Our hope is that they will hear the Word of God and receive Jesus as their person Savior. What a difference Jesus will make in their lives!

Partners like you are why we’re able to be focused on winning the lost. Your gifts of $25, $50 and $100 are going a long way in helping us connect with those who don’t know Jesus and tell them about Him. What good is a message if it doesn’t get sent? You send us. You empower us to go. Thank you. Please keep giving. Keep being faithful to put God’s kingdom above your own. He will honor you by taking care of what’s yours, and better still, you’ll be responsible for adding to those who will worship alongside you in eternity!