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Motonto, Kenya Miracle Crusade 2019

God did such amazing things in Motonto, Kenya. The city had never experienced a crusade before, but after seeing the wonderful things God did for them, they will surely never forget!

Lives were changed forever – like the young girl whose blind eye was opened, and the little children who came to the crusade unable to walk, but left completely healed, or the woman who had suffered greatly because of a motorcycle accident who went home whole and well again. God is so good!

We were privileged to minister to 132,000 people, and we saw 62,000 come to Christ! We witnessed many notable miracles each night, including numerous young children who had never walked before, until they came to the platform and walked for the first time because of the name of Jesus! So many who couldn’t talk were healed, the blind saw, and many other creative miracles happened, glory to God!

We ministered to 602 pastors and their associates during our visit. As they received their Bible study materials from Pastor Doseck, many shed tears of joy. Several have already begun planning miracle services at their churches!

The well we dug will provide clean water for people who previously had to walk two miles one way to get dirty water for drinking and cooking. Thousands of people will now have plenty of clean water every day, and every time they pump the well they will know there is a God in heaven who loves them.

The children’s ministry traveled to many schools within a 40-mile radius of the crusade grounds, and we are pleased to report that our team ministered to over 30,000 children during the course of the week, hallelujah!

Thank you, PDM Partners, for sending us to Motonto, Kenya!