June 2022 Update

We give God praise for what He did for us in the 3 days that we were in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We went to three different locations. At one location we had over 30,000 people in attendance. We had the privilege of taking the last night of service on May 27th into every TV household in Uganda, we were told that over half a million people had a chance to watch the service as miracles, signs, and wonders took place. We give God praise that we saw 11,092 people come to Christ in the 3 days that we were there on the ground in Honduras. God did amazing miracles! On the first night, we saw 3 deaf ears open, one person was deaf for 3 years, another person was deaf for 5 years, and another person was deaf for 10 years. They got their hearing completely restored, and the spirit of God touched their lives. We also saw many notable creative miracles, we saw legs grow out, tumors disappear, and several blind eyes opened. On the last night, one of the most unique miracles that I have seen in quite some time was a woman that was blind, deaf, and mute. God first opened her deaf ears as he prayed the prayer of faith, and then from there, she said her first word, then she saw out of her eye. Her eye was distorted and destroyed through an accident and I literally saw God begin to create her pupil, it was amazing! Partners, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to go!  Thank you for praying for us, together we are making a difference in the world today. 

I am so excited about the upcoming crusade to Kampala Uganda, we are going to be there June 26th – 29th. We have 4 nights in a facility that seats over 40,000 people and right now they are in the process of adding a thirty-thousand-seat addition to this church. It is probably the 4th largest church in the entire world today and we are just so honored that God is allowing us to go into churches and into countries of this magnitude to pull the nets in and watch Jesus be lifted up! The Bible says when we lift Jesus up, He draws all men unto Him and we are seeing tens of thousands of souls come to Christ. We are expecting to not only minister to over 150,000 people in Kampala, Uganda but we are going to take it into every TV household and almost every radio household simultaneously, live. 

Coming up in July, we will be going back to Kenya for the first time in three years since Covid hit us. We are going to a city in Western Kenya called Magwagwa, it is a place that to our knowledge has never had a gospel crusade. We are working hard to get hundreds and hundreds of churches on board for this meeting. We have already dug water wells and people are being blessed by these water wells every single day. We are expecting over a hundred plus thousand to be in attendance in Magwagwa, Kenya. The people are so hungry for the things of God and they need miracles desperately. Over the 5 nights from July 13th-17th, we are expecting God to show up strong on the crusade field. 

Together we are making a difference in the kingdom, we can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers and your financial support. As the Lord might stir your heart would you prayerfully consider sewing a seed to help us with our massive crusade in Uganda? Thank you for your partnership, and for your giving, because we are seeing lives impacted through Peter Doseck Ministries again, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you so much!



Pastor Peter Doseck