This Just In

Kampala,Uganda Miracle Crusade 2019

We just returned from Kampala, Uganda, where we met up with Pastor Jackson Senyonga and held three meetings and two training sessions for 40,000 pastors and teachers throughout the region. God showed Himself strong in a mighty way during this time. While we were on the ground for only about fifty hours, we were able to touch countless lives!

Pastor Senyonga rented out the largest stadium in Uganda, the Nelson Mandela Stadium, for us to share the gospel message with crowds of nearly 100,000 souls, and he arranged for the services to be aired live on television and radio networks canvasing the entire nation of Uganda. These services were also picked up by livestream and IPTV, making the estimated reach of our gospel services to around 40 million people! We are still receiving reports of the impact of these few hours of our travel schedule. God is good!

Before we left Kampala, we were visited by President Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda since 1986. It was a great honor for him to come and meet with us. He came to thank Pastor Doseck for the time and investment he has made in Uganda over the last few years. He said he can see the change in his country and wanted to extend his personal thanks. And he invited Pastor Doseck to keep coming back to Uganda for years to come. This is something we very much want to do. We want to share the gospel and win souls. We want to help our Ugandan brothers and sisters by digging wells, setting up orphanages, and training Christian leaders. It’s wonderful to have the welcome and support of the Ugandan government in doing what God has placed on our hearts.

Thank you, PDM Partners, for sending us to Kampala, Uganda. Thank you for your constant prayers and support. You go with us wherever we go. Keep praying with us that we will meet our goal of 1 million souls. “He who wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30). Let’s be wise in God’s eyes and make praying for the lost a daily priority.