Dear Partners, thank you for your continued prayers. I believe God is working, and my complete healing is coming. I know He has gone before me in this battle. I appreciate all the prayers and faith you have been sowing on my behalf. 

I’m very excited for the PDM team as they prepare to head to Pakistan in October. This will be our sixth trip in the last two years that we will have done. We are expecting to see 80,000 to 100,000 people in one service! Our team will be in two different churches and doing many pastor-day sessions. We pour into hundreds of pastors at these day sessions; encouraging them, infusing faith in them, and helping them feel confident that they too can be miracle workers. I feel the Lord called me to teach the next generation of miracle workers and I’m so happy to see the PDM team pouring into these pastors even while I’m unable to. Even though I can not go, I’ll be praying and putting my faith towards this trip. Your PDM team is believing for between 60,000 and 80,000 decisions for Christ! So let’s believe this with them!

It’s absolutely amazing that we are able to go to Pakistan as many times as we have. As I’ve shared in the past, this is the second-largest Muslim nation. The Lord has opened doors I would have never imagined would open so that the gospel can be spread in this country. Please be praying with us for this upcoming trip. If the Lord puts it on your heart to financially help, will you? The key to putting as many people in these services as possible is by bringing people in on buses. One dollar puts one person on a bus. Each bus can hold 100 people, and there are pastors on every bus helping to reach and keep in contact with those who get saved. We have seen 80% of people who have been in these buses get plugged into churches after our services! I know you are all so faithful in praying, fasting, and believing with me for every trip. Thank you for your faithfulness! Thank you for any gifts that you can sow for this trip. It’s because of you we have reached so many already. When we all get to Heaven one day, many will thank you for your support and prayer. 

We love you and are praying for you.

For Souls,

Pastor Peter Doseck