December 2021 Update

We want to give God praise for all that He has done this past November and the beginning of December!

Last month we were able to travel to St. Maarten. While we were there, we saw many blind eyes open, the deaf heard for the first time, tumors disappeared from people’s bodies, and each service saw many souls won for the Lord! The island was going through a lot of COVID restrictions and political unrest, but God kept us safe and protected the whole time. We give God praise for all the success!

We also got to see God move in a powerful way while in Abidjan, Ivory Coast! Thousands of people were impacted and God truly did some amazing miracles. There were deaf ears opened, tumors disappearing from people’s bodies, and people standing and walking out of wheelchairs! On one night alone, we saw eight blind people get their sight restored. On our last night, Pastor laid hands on everyone that attended. We know that God healed, delivered, and set free many in the crowd that night. We were a part of several live and taped TV programs that went into 30 French-speaking nations of the world. People shared with us that they received a miracle just from watching the services on TV! During the day we held a Pastor’s Conference with hundreds of pastors present! Pastor Doseck anointed each one with oil and spoke a word over them. Many of the pastors in attendance testified that they believe our visit there will change West Africa! We want to thank Jesus for all that was accomplished in the Ivory Coast, and for all that He is continuing to do in the Ivory Coast. Also, thank you partners for your prayers and support that allows us to go around the world sharing the power of our Lord and winning souls for the Kingdom of God!

A couple of weeks ago we had a live meeting on Precious Television. This touched over 5 plus million people in seventeen African nations. We are so thankful for these opportunities that come our way and for the chance to get to preach the gospel into multiple nations of the world and to see hundreds of thousands of lives being impacted. During these broadcasts, we are seeing many come to Christ and miracles taking place. The networks are getting great responses because of these live Zoom meetings we have been doing for many months.

We also had the opportunity last week to minister to another remote village in Pakistan via Zoom. Last month, during our remote village meeting, there were over 197 Muslims that gave their lives to Christ. These are people that have never heard the name of Jesus before! We just want to give God praise for these salvations and for over 190 miracles that took place in this one village. One of the testimonies that came in was about a woman that was in severe pain because of a broken bone in her nose. We prayed and the Lord healed her nose! She said she was completely without pain!

Partners, as you know with our zoom meetings in these remote villages, we are also putting Bibles into the hands of every new believer and are getting them connected with a local church. We are making disciples and are making a great impact in the nation of Pakistan at every meeting. These Bibles in the Urdu language cost $6.50 each. If the Lord touches your heart to sow into helping us get these Bibles into new converts’ hands, thank you for your support!

Our team just got back from Monterey, Mexico. We are looking forward to sharing about all of the lives that were impacted and the souls that were saved during this trip! Thank you partners for your friendship, your partnership, your prayers, and your financial support. Going into these other nations costs tens of thousands of dollars. If the Lord touches your heart about helping us with expenses to win souls and lift up Jesus, we truly want to say thank you for all that you do.

For Souls,

Pastor Peter Doseck